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ECOlogical cultivation

Eko kupina

Eko kupina

To preserve the nature and protect people’s health, by securing the safe and healthy work environment, we cultivate the whole of OPG Jambresic Estate in accordance to the special ECO maintenance system. We respect and maintain a natural cycles of production using the renewable resources and preserving the landscape. 

Differences between ECO-production and conventional production

Eco-production requires more knowledge than the conventional production because it has no means for mass production. It is not based on simple recipes and on symptom – cure relationship but on the knowledge of an agroecosystem mechanism. The principal for the agroecosystem is the soil. Through the soil we can maintain the agriculture and the environment and control introduction of nutrients in a food chain. 

Ecological production enhances the content of organic matter and biological activity of the soil and the plants nutrition is based on the biological derived nutrients.

Advantages of ECOlogical production

In a conventional agriculture it is evident that there is and excessive and irrational use of nonrenewable eco sources. Those measures that leave the permanent damaging consequences on the whole nature and its processes, disturb a million years established balance in the nature.

Modern science has defined that the large number of illnesses has causes related with a quality of food we eat. It is a fact that the quality of food is reduced by the introduction of different residues from chemical materials that stay in plants we eat.

We are again starting to perceive that the importance of cooperation with nature instead of its systematic destruction gives much better results.

Plantaža EKO kupina

Plantaža EKO kupina

Ecological agriculture fits in a concept of sustainable development because, through the number of measures covering the overall management, it strives to keep ecologically clean, economically worthy, ethically and socially just production. Today’s agriculture has transformed fields to fit a certain production way of fully exploiting the soil. Many plant and animal sorts have become extinguished and there is a drastic decline in a number of small farmsteads.    

Thanks to that approach, the conventional agriculture is the biggest polluter today. 

Ecological production is a necessity should we wish to keep the Earth for future generations.

How to become an ECO producer?

The first step in ecological cultivation is the transitional period from conventional to ecological agriculture.  If one begins with ecological way of growing therapeutic herbs, it is very important to take care that the herbs are not located in the vicinity of the roads or other sources of pollution.  

So it is regulated that production units must be at least 50 meters away from the roads that have more than 100 vehicles per hour.

EKO kupina

EKO kupina

The fertility and biological activity of the soil is sustained and increased by growing beans and bean like plants, green plants for fertilization and by adding the compost or non-compost organic materials obtained on a farm.  This means manure, slurry of domestic animals and composts of plant waste.

With the appropriate choice of the types and varieties of plants, prevention of pests and weeds is done with the proper crop rotation, appropriate soil tillage, protection of useful plants and animals, creating advantageous conditions for the development of natural foes of vermin and by destroying sprigs of weed with physical and mechanical ways.

It is forbidden to burn organic matter such as plant remains after harvest.  Water, which is used in ecological cultivation, must fit the water regulation and the regulation on dangerous substances in the water.

Potvrdnica o eko proizvodnji

Potvrdnica o eko proizvodnji

Everything used in eco cultivation must be of ecological origin

The seed must be from eco cultivation.  The packaging must secure quality storage and freshness and be ecologically acceptable.

Storage space must be protected from sunlight, be dry and if possible, cool.  It is advised that air humidity be about 60% at about 19 C degrees temperature.

When starting cultivation of plants in ecologically acceptable way, one must contact the nearest supervision or the Croatian Agricultural Extension Institute.