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Blackberry is healthy – from the root to the fruit

Although many like to eat sweet blackberries not many do know how very healthy this whole plant is; its leafs, flowers, root and fruit. 

Spokespeople for a natural, healthy way of living recommend eating free grown blackberries because of their calming ability and their help in a food digestion. 

Blackberry leaves are used in a preparation of tee used as poultice for face and eye puffiness. 

Very rich in an organic iron, the blackberry became irreplaceable in nutrition of children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and older people.

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Blackberry, also know as a black strawberry and by many other local names, can be found in every corner of the world but it is believed that it came from Europe and Asia.

The blackberry fruit contains essential oil, tannin and pectin, apple, oxal and lactic acid, sour substance and a big amount of vitamin C (100g of blackberries contain 21g of vitamin C). 

It is very rich in fibers containing iron and calcium.

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