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Blackberry, also know as a black strawberry and by many other local names, can be found in every corner of the world but it is believed that it came from Europe and Asia.

The blackberry fruit contains essential oil, tannin and pectin, apple, oxal and lactic acid, sour substance and a big amount of vitamin C (100g of blackberries contain 21g of vitamin C). 

It is very rich in fibers containing iron and calcium.

A fresh blackberry contains:

  • Water 87,5
  • Extract 6,8 %
  • Cellulose 1,5 %
  • Sugar as invert cca. 5,7 %
  • Acid as apple 1,3 %
  • pectin 1,5 %
  • ash 0,5 %

In terms of technology cca. 5% of pips-seeds can be found in blackberry.

Cultivation of blackberries

Cultivation of blackberries – in the beginning only on infields – has later spread onto larger plantations because of its rentability and quick raising of plantations. It is consummated and sold as fresh fruit, with possibility of deep freezing, preservation and production of fruit wine. Blackberry bears fruit very early, already in third year after planting. It can bear 5-15 ton of fruit per hectare.

Blackberry fruits can be massive and reach in weight more than 5 gram.

Blackberry matures during July and August, but fruits don’t mature at the same time which extends the time of harvest up to 40 days.

Mature blackberries should be picked frequently, every third day or no later than once a week. 

When processing into wine, method of periodical harvest is unfavorable, therefore it is necessary to determine the right time for harvest. Black color of the fruit is not at the same time the sign of fruit’s maturity. It appears before technological maturity. 

It is best to pick the blackberries in the afternoon, in early evening or early in the morning.