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Blackberry wine

At our Jambrešić Family Estate, through a careful selection of ripe, ECO-standard grown blackberries, after three-weekly maceration and few weeks of fruit ripening processes, we produce a natural blackberry wine KUPILEK. Its healthy attributes have been well known and used for centuries in the homeopathic medicine.

The richness of the blackberry wine:

Kupinovo vino

Kupinovo vino

The blackberry wine is known for its extremely rich content of different vitamins and minerals as well as organic and inorganic ingredients giving it its nutritional and healing value. Especially valuable is the amount of iron and vitamins B and C. Phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sugar, pectin and some vitamin A are also found. 

Acids in the blackberry wine are similar to the gastric acid; therefore they are helpful in a food digestion - proteins especially. 

Blackberry wine is the richest natural source of body absorbing iron. Iron is the main ingredient of hemoglobin responsible for oxygen transportation throughout the blood system. Lack of iron in the body slows down the transport of the oxygen to cells and weakening of the organism.  Because the organism can not synthesize iron we need to feed it back in to normalize its oxygen supply.  

One solution is the blackberry wine: 1 dcl daily (0.33 dcl half an hour before the meal). 

Why consume the blackberry wine?

Masulj kupine

Masulj kupine

Healthy blackberry wine consumption is recommended when anemic exhausted, malnourished, for a regulation of a digestion and the blood pressure and for improving a blood circulation. 

Especially important is the fact that iron found in blackberries is a part of an organic compound enabling its easier and natural absorption in the organism. 

It helps with nutrition especially in people lacking iron in the blood, in people of a weaker immunity system, pregnant and nursing women, blood donors and those recovering from a disease. It increases an appetite and enables better excretion of liver bile and urine, contributing to better dissolution and to faster and healthier nutrients exchange.

Blackberries and blackberry wine strengthen the immunity, stimulate functioning of liver cells and protect the liver and bile ducts from different problems.



English specialized magazine “Weine and Spiritus” (July 1995. issue 29) talks about an interesting finding in red wines, blackberry wine including, about a substance Quercentin as one of the strongest substance with anti-cancer effects.

In regard to the gastronomy, food lovers know that the blackberry wine has to match the meal and be cooled down to 16 º C. It is best served as a desert wine before the meal, with cheese and meals made of cheese, with venison and red meet in general, deserts, etc. Its combination with any blue cheese is excellent.

Blackberry wine is the only alcoholic drink with healing characteristics and great organoleptic properties.